The tranquility behind my work derives from my sensitive care towards the synchronization and constant adaptation towards my culture. The Korean diaspora guided me to remain more true to my heritage whereas integrating quickly into a host society. As a child of two Asian immigrants, my parents valued fluency of one's culture and language. Their approach was to teach me how to read, write and speak Korean through manga. Through their decision, I was taught the importance of bold expression and non-conformity. 

My work is a response to my parents teachings. My paintings reflect my confrontational attitude towards conflict and humiliation, and empower oneself through the acceptance of rejection. The graphic qualities prevalent in my work is homage to my childhood. They examine personal exchanges found from my life. Utilizing screen printing as a main source of medium, my work examines affinity for my characters in order to make a small step to a further compassionate world.

Contact art@sun-mi.com for art-inquiries

b. 1996 Asuncion, Paraguay 


2014-2017 Maryland Institute College of Art, Illustration Major, Baltimore MD


2017 Society of Illustrators Student scholarship Show

2016 MICA Dis/Order Show

2014 MICA Foundation Drawing Exhibition

2014 OC Register, OC’s Best Artist of the Year


2014-2017 MICA Competitive Scholarship 

2014 MICA Creative Vision Award 

2014 Young Arts Semi - Finalist

2014 Spotlight Art Center Semi - Finalist


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